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||Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya||

The legend of Dhasha Prachethas - Rudra Gita    

Bhagavan Rudra speaks to the sons of Prachinabharhiss/Dhashaprachethas “ Oh! Nripanandhana, ardent devotee of the Supreme Lord Vasudeva who is beyond Thrigunas, and resides as a soul in living beings,  listen to me carefully, whoever surrendered to that supreme Lord Vasudeva are dearer to me, I have appeared to bless you. Oh! Nripanandhana, whoever sincerely performs their Swadharma/duties and responsibilities prescribed of the Varnna and Ashrama Dharma, for hundreds of years would attain the Bhramaloka, and whoever performs Swadharma more than that of hundreds of years attains the Shivaloka, but whoever devoted to that Supreme Lord Vasudeva would attain the Vishuloka immediately after leaving the mortal coil, the abode of that supreme Lord Hari which is difficult to visit even for me and Bhrama and Vibudhas without prior information. Oh! Nripanandhana, the devotees of Lord Vishnu are dear to me like Lord Vishnu himself, in the same manner, the devotees of mine are dear to Lord Vishnu as well. I shall reveal the supreme hymn which could provide salvation, it is highly propitious hymn should be pronounced following austerities.”

Lord Rudra continues “I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord Hari who is the source of auspiciousness and bliss, he is all-pervasive, resides as a soul in living beings. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord Hari who has lotus flower on the navel, he represents Bhootha, Sookshma and Indriyas,/subtle as well as minuscule form and sense organs, he is Vasudevaya who is serene, Kootastha, and has supreme brilliance. I shall prostrate before Lord Sankarshana, who represents Sookshmashareera/supreme soul, he destroys the Universe at the end of Kalpa, and he is the supreme preceptor who imparts the knowledge of destructible Prakrithi and indestructible Purusha. He is Pradhyumna, who resides as a supreme soul in living beings. I shall prostrate before supreme Lord Vishnu who represents Anirudhdha, he is the source of functions of the mind, intellect, and sense organs, he represents intellectuals, he is flawless, and he represents Surya and spreads brilliance to remove the darkness and nourishes the life on the Earth. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord who is the provider of Swarga and Apavarga/Sarooya, Sameepya andSayujyam, and heavenly pleasures, to the noble souls. He has supreme radiance, represents fire sacrifices and sacrificial priests as well. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord Vishnu who is the source of Oorja/strength, enthusiasm, to the deities, Pithrus and Jeeva, he represents the life-giving water/rivers, ponds, streams, wells and oceans, and satisfy the Jeeva on the Earth. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord Vishnu who resides as a soul in living beings represents the three worlds and protector of the same with the Oja and Bala as well. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord who is all-pervasive, and omniscient, represents the Lord Surya who spread supreme radiance. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord who represents Pravriththimarga and Nivriththimarga of the Jeeva, and Pithrukarma, he is the destroyer of immoralities, and he represents death and sorrow to the wicked. I shall prostrate before that Esha, who represents Manu, Dharma, you are the cause, Oh! Krishna who is free from afflictions, you are Purana Purusha, you have incarnated as Kapila who imparted the knowledge of Sankhya yoga. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord who represents Trinities/Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva, you represent mind and intellect, and excellence in speech. I shall prostrate before that supreme Lord who is the essence of Dharma and virtues incarnated in most attractive forms for the welfare of the Universe and its living beings worshiped in Saguna Roopa. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord who has the dark cloud complexion, extremely charming, four arms holding Shankha, Chakra, Gadha, and Padma, eyes has the resemblance to lotus flower petals, attractive eyebrows, beautiful nose and cheeks and attractive line of teeth, ears adorned in beautiful ear ornaments, and  has a pleasing smile on the face, attractive curly hair locks, lustrous forehead, attired in a magnificent yellow garment, adorned in the magnificent crown, armlets, chest adorned in various precious ornaments, anklets, waist ornament, attractive shoulders resemble a lion, the chest is adorned in Srivatsa, Kausthubha and it is the dwelling place of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi has beautiful lips and deep navel lures the heart of your devotees. I shall prostrate before the supreme Lord who is attired in marvelous yellow silk garment and blue upper clothe tide around the waist, beautiful thighs, knees, calves, and ankle, those lotus feet are supple and soft, the sparkling of the nails removes the impurities in the heart of your devotees, you are supreme preceptor who imparts the knowledge of highest philosophies, guides the distressed people, removes the darkness of ignorance in them, and removes the fears and anxieties in them. Whoever worships that supreme Lord with intense faith and devotion, with the practice of Bhakti yoga, and following the righteous paths would get relieved from the fears of Samsara. Oh! Prabho, you are not attainable easily, the intellectuals with the supreme knowledge attain that Paramamgathi. The practice of Ananyabhakthi/intense devotion is difficult to achieve, even for the ascetics, your lotus feet are highly propitious to provide all that desired. Oh! Prabho you represent Yama who brings destruction to the Universe with a movement of your eyebrows, whoever surrendered at your lotus feet will not have the fear of death. The sincere devotion at your lotus feet is the ultimate asylum of Jeeva, it is the ultimate shelter that provides protection from the cycles of repeated births. Oh! Prabho, who resides as a soul in living beings, the meditation and singing in praise of your myths remove the impurities of the mind, the holy dip in the sacred Ganga that originated from your lotus feet purifies our hearts, and bless us to have the constant association of ascetics who have the knowledge of oneness-in-all, that would purify our mind and soul as well. The ascetics undergo extreme penances, and austerities, will not take interest in worldly matters and bondage, constantly contemplate upon you and attain Paramagathi.  Oh! Prabho, you are absolute Bhramam, all-pervasive, and independent, you are flawless and void of Karma, with the influence of your powerful Maya the creation, preservation, and destruction take place. Oh! Prabho, the Yogis conducts various rituals, several modes of worships and sings in praise of your glorious myths, but the Sadhus who realize your nature as supreme soul reside in them, and you are the cause for the functioning of sense organs, and in this way, they achieve highest of the piousness. Oh! Prabho, you are primeval, you represent five essential elements, Thrigunas/ Rajasik, Thamasik, and Sathvik nature, deities, Sages and all the living and non-living things as well. You represent the supreme soul in the Jeeva, you are supreme Purusha and reside as the supreme soul in the Jeeva, takes great pleasure like a honey bee from the flowers, you cause deluge at the end of the Kalpa and absorb them all. The Jeeva soaked in material welfare and bondage, will not understand the nature of the supreme soul, meet their destruction at the end like the serpent swallow its prey. Oh! Prabho, you are worshiped by Lord Bhrama, deities, Manu, Rishis, and Sages, hence the learned one has the knowledge that keeping away from the worship at your lotus feet would heave in extreme agony and afflictions. Oh! Prabho, you are supreme Bhramam, Paramathma, free from afflictions, we are surrendering at your lotus feet, kindly remove our fear and anxieties of worldly existence.”

Lord Rudra speaks “ Oh! Nripanandhana, I have narrated the most auspicious hymns to you, the recitation of these hymns and performance of Swadharma, and take shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Hari to attain Paramamgathi.”

Sri Rudra Uvacha –
Yooyam Vedhishadha: Puthra Vidhitham Vashchikeershitham | Anugrahaya Bhadhram Va Yevam Mey Dharshanam Kritham||

Ya : Param Ramhasa: Sakshath Thriguna JeevaSanjjithath | Bhagavantham Vasudevam Prapanna: Sa Priyo Hi Me ||

Swadharmanishta: Shathajanmabhi: Pumanivirinchithamethi Thatha:  Param Hi Mam | Avyakritham Bhagavathoatha Vaishnavam Padham Yadhaham Vibudha:Kalathyaye ||

Atha Bhagavatha Yooyam Priya:stha  Bhagavanyatha | Na  Math Bhagavathanam Cha  Preyananyoasthi Karhachith ||

Idham Viviktham Japthavyam Pavithram Mangalam Param | Ni;Shreyaskaram  Chapi Shrroyatham Thadhvadhami Va: ||

Jitham Tha Athmavidhyaryasvasthaye Swasthirasthume | Bhavatharadhasaradhdham Sarvasma Athmane Nama: ||

Nama: Pankajanabhaya Bhootha Sookshmendhriyathmane | Vasudevaya Shanthaya  Kootasthaya Swarochishe ||

Sankarshanaya  Sookshmaya  Dhuranthayanthakaya Cha | Namo Vishwaprabhodhaya  Pradhyumnayantharathmane ||

Namo Namo Anirudhdhaya  Hrishikeshendhriyathmane | Nama: Paramahamsaya  Poornnaya  Nibhrithathmane ||

Swargapavargadhvaraya  Nithyam Shuchishadhe  Nama: | Namo Hiranyaveeraya Chathurhothraya Thanthave ||

Nama Urja Ishe Thraya: Pathaye  Yajjarethase | Thripthidhaya  Cha Jeevanam Nama: Sarva Rasathmane ||

Sarva Saththvathmadhehaya  Visheshaya  Sthaveeyase | Namas Thrailokhyapalaya Saha Ojabalaya Cha ||

Arththalingaya Nabhase  Namo Anthar Bhahirathmane | Nama:  Punyaya Lokaya  Amushmai Bhoorivarchase ||

Pravriththaya Nivriththaya Pithrudevaya  Karmane | Namo Adharmavipakaya  Mrithyave  Dhukha:dhaya Cha ||

 Namastha Ashishameesha  Manave  Karanathmane | Namo Dharmaya  Bhrihathe  Krishnaya Kundamedhase | Purushaya  Puranaya  Sankhya Yogeshwaraya Cha ||

Shakthi Thraya Samethaya  Meedushe Ahamkrithathmane | Chethaakrithiroopaya  Namo Vacho Vibhoothaye ||

Dharshanam No Dhidhrukshoonam Dhehi Bhagavatharchitham | Roopam Priyathamam Swanam Sarvendhriya Gunanjjanam ||

Snigdha Pravid Ghanashyamam Sarva Saundarya Samgraham | Charvayatha chathurbhahu Sujatha Ruchirananam ||

Padma Koshapalashaksham Sundarabhru Sunasikam | Sudhvijam Sukapolasyam Samakarnna Vibhooshanam ||

Preethi Prahasithapangam Amlaika Roopashobhitham | Lasath  Pankaja Kinjjilka Dhukoolam Mrishtakundalam ||

Spurath Kireetavalaya Haranoopura Meghalam | Shankha Chakra Gadha Padmam MalaManiruththamardhimath ||

Simhaskandhathvisho Bhibhrasaubhaga Greeva Kausthubham | Shriyanapayinya Kshiptha Nikashashmorasollasath ||

Poorarekacha Samvigna Valivalgudhalodharam | Prathisankramayadhvishavam Nabhyavartha Gabeeraya ||

Shyamashronyadhiroth Vishnu Dhukoola Swarnnameghalam | Samacharvanghri Janghoru Nimnajahnu Sudharshanam ||

Padha Sharath Padhmapalasharochisha Nakhadhyubhirnoantharagham Vidhunvatha | Pradharshaya Sweeyamapasthasadhvasam Padham Guro Marga Gurusthamojusham ||

Yethath Roopamanudhyathma Shudhdhimabheepsatham | Yadh Bhakthi Yogoabhayadha: Swadharmamanuthishtatham ||

Bhavan Bhakthimatha Labhyo Dhurlabha: Sarvadhehinam | Swarajasyapyabimatha Yekanthenathmavidhgathi: ||

 Tham  Dhuraradhyamaradhya Sathamapi Dhurapaya | Yekantha Bhakthya Ko Vanchathepadhamoolam Vina Bahi: ||

Yathra Nirvishtamaranam Krithantho Nabhimanyathe | Vishwam Vidhwamsayanveerya Shaurya Visphurjitha Bhruva ||

Kshanardhenapi Thulaye  Na Swargam Na Punarbhavam | Bhagavath Sangisangasya  Marthyanam Kimuthashisha: ||

Adhanaghamghresthava Keerthi Theerthayo Anthar Bahir Snana Vidhoothapapmanam | Bhootheshvanukrosha Su Saththvasheelinam Syasangamo Anugraha Yesha Na Sthava||

Na Yasya Chiththam Bahirarthavibhramam Thamoguhayam Cha Vishudhdhamavishath | Yadh Bhakthiyoganu Griheethamajjasa Munir Vichashte Nanuthathra The Gathim ||

Yathredham Vyajyathe Vishwam Vishwasmina Bhavathi Yath | Thaththvam Bhrama Param Jyothir Akashamiva Visthritham ||

Yo Mayayedham Pururoopaya Srijath Bhibarthi Bhooya: Kshapayathya Vikriya: | Yadh Bhedhabudhdhi: Sadhivathma Dhusthaya Thvamathma Thanthram Bhagavan Prathimahi ||

Kriya Kalapairidhameva Yogina: Shradhdhanvitha: Sadhu Yajanthi Sidhdhaye | Bhoothendhriyantha: Karanopalakshitham Vedhe Cha Thanthre  Cha Tha  Yeva Kovidha :||

Thvameka Adhya: Purusha: Suptha Shakthisthathaya Raja: Saththvathamo Vibhidhyathe | Mahanaham Gham Maruth Agnivardhara: Surarshayo Bhoothagana Idham Yatha: ||

Shrishtam Swashakthyendhamanu Pravishta Chathurvidham Puramathmashakena |Adho Vidhustham Purusham Santhamantharbhungthe  Hrishikairmadhu Saragham Ya: ||

Sa Yesha  Lokanathi Chandavego Vikarshi Thvam Khalu Kalayana: | Bhoothani Bhoothair  Anumeya Thaththvo Ghanavalir  Vayurivavishahya: ||

Pramaththamuchair Ithi Krithyachinthaya Pravridhdha Lobham Vishayeshu Lalasam | Thvampramaththa: Sahasabipadhyase  Kshullelihanoahirivakhumantha: ||

 Kasthvath Padhabjam Vijahathi Panditho Yasthe Avamanavyaamanakethana: | Vishankayasmadh Gururuchathisma Yadhvinopapaththim Manavashchathurdhasha ||

Atha Thvamasi No Bhraman Paramathmanvipashchitham | Vishwam Rudra Bhayadhvasthamakuthashchith Bhaya Gathi: ||

Idham Japatham Bhadhram Vo Vishuddha Nripanandhana: Swadharmam Anuthishtantho Bhagavathyarpithashaya: ||